Fighting Anxiety and Panic Attacks Step by Step Read How?

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Panic Attack Overview:

Sweating, trembling, shaking, sudden chest pain and discomfort, pounding heart and sense of irrational fear. It feels that this whole world will consume all the happiness in your life and you will be left with nothing. All these symptoms of panic or anxiety attack.

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

It is impossible for people suffering from panic attacks to live a completely healthy life. The fear always surrounds them. There are many ways you can deal with these problems, before that you need to understand that what are the triggers.

Understanding the trigger is important, the fear of anything unusual and unknown is reasonable but when you fear the relatively familiar situation the fear is irrational. You need to think about it and train hard to overcome these feelings. You must never avoid them because the minute you start planning to avoid this situation, you will see that your comfort level with these things will go downhill and your fear will increase exponentially.

The key for handling the anxiety and panic attack is to able to calm yourself, all of us in our life has been in the situation where we fail to understand anything, like we are frozen we need to cut through that and help our brain the calm and serene environment to improve ourselves.

Start with the daily meditation, to be able to command your body to stay calm you need to teach your body to listen to your brain and take control of the things, you must meditate for at least 15 minutes a day. Initially, it is very problematic to meditate because your mind wanders. Start by doing just two minutes a day. Because many times the unrealistic approach leads to complete abandonment of meditation or worse that you get anxious when you are meditating. So, start slow and easy but move steadily in your life. It is essential that you teach the brain to stay calm.

Start working out, yes exercises help our body produce the hormones that relax the body, anyway when you are in good health other physical problems will stay far away. You will have one less thing to worry about, and you must not ignore this. This is the reason you need to this.

Join a group therapy session; it is essential that you talk about your problem, don’t expect the world to know what you are feeling, you have to talk about it. Along with friend and family meet other people and see how they are dealing or not able to deal with their problems. The reason is if you like someone’s coping mechanism you can implement it and if you see someone failing, you can judge them for the reason why they are failing and can learn what not to do. Group therapy is the best place to learn and help others as well.

Eat the healthy food, diet is essential, as specific food has the power to increase or decrease the hormone production and it can affect the state of mind. Just find out what food causes you bloating or pumps up your brain. We are talking about the caffeine here as well. These are few things that keep mind hyperactive, and if you want to get the right results with calming your brain, you need to stop the food that is usually the stimulant. Take the healthy green food and avoid excess fat and sodium. And stay away from alcohol and tobacco. They do not help in any way and can even aggravate the problems relates to the anxiety and panic attack.

As you can see that there are many solutions to the same problems, may not precisely the solutions but if you can follow some of them on a regular basis you can achieve the best results with anxiety. Anxiety and panic attacks are not a permanent situation, and with the help of friends and family and strong will, many have been able to avoid the unpleasant situations. And you can do the same, but you need to be careful about it.

Last but not least we talk about the medication, the reason we left it for last is that we want this to be the last resort. It is unnecessary to use any medicine as long as you can avoid it. You must work on the healthy coping mechanism rather the medicine because most people get addicted to such drugs. And this is the reason we want you to go for medication when you believe that it is almost impossible for you to do anything about your situation. And even when you are taking medication, you must work on your coping mechanism to control the issue. It is most likely that you will be able to avoid the problem altogether.

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Anxiety and Panic Attacks

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