A Complete Guide to Atherosclerosis ! Read Tips For Fit & Healthy Life.

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Many people are often confused about atherosclerosis; it is not a condition that happens suddenly, instead the prolonged poor lifestyle is the primary reason for this. Sadly, there are no symptoms of this condition, only after someone experiences the severe chest pain and in extreme cases of heart attack, one can know about it. This makes it a very tricky problem.


As we said that is it due to the prolonged poor lifestyle, as we all eat a lot of junk and fatty food, the molecules of plaque are formed over time, and in some instances, they block the arteries, and this is when we realize that something so wrong with our heart.

What is atherosclerosis?

As per the doctors, “Atherosclerosis is the narrowing of arteries due to plaque buildup on the artery walls. Arteries carry blood from the heart to the rest of the body. They are lined with a thin layer of cells that keeps them smooth and allows blood to flow easily.”

So, where does this plaque come from, it is, in fact, the result of high cholesterol in our body that gets converted into plaque and causes a lot of problems? This is a very serious, and it can be fatal if you do not pay enough attention to heart health.

Even though there are no symptoms by there are exclusive check up that help you determine the situation with your heart. And following a healthy diet low in fat and cholesterol is often very helpful. Remember, it is a fatal problem, but you can get rid of it by carefully changing your diet and routine.

What are the options, if you have atherosclerosis?

Well, in most cases patients opt for the bypass surgery, and it almost always very successful, it is easy and does not cause any trouble. And along with that, there are defibrillators, which has saved the lives of many.

What are defibrillators?

As we know that in few cases patients die when they are having a heart attack, as during the heart attack the blood supply is constricted and then heart stops eventually after few seconds, these electronic defibrillators are used to keep heart pumping with the use of defibrillators.

These defibrillators are very handy, as they are easy to carry and can be taken anywhere, this allows them to save many lives.

When it comes to heart diseases, prevention is the best cure; there are few things that you can do to prevent these diseases.

Changing the diet

As we have mentioned that due to the consumption of bad fat and high cholesterol food, the plaque formation starts at the first place, so you need to avoid the food that is high in fat content. Instead, use the olive oil and non-saturated fats that are refined, and all the cholesterol has been removed. But still, eating too much oily and fried food is not good for the liver as well. Thus, you must eat a balanced diet, add a lot vegetable, and avoid meat that is high in fat; white is preferable along with the seafood.


Staying physically active will also help in fighting against the heart problems, as you can burn the fat, the chances of it depositing on the arteries layer is less, and this will help in the long run. It will boost the testosterone and will improve the metabolism and blood flow as well. Sedentary life is the reason for a lot of problems caused by this. Lose weight if it is more than it should be as per your height and age.

Add healthy spices, like garlic, onion, and pepper to your diet

These foods help in preventing the early onset of problems related to the heart. You may find it difficult to believe, but the regular use of garlic is associated with the lowered risk of heart attack. And the antioxidants on the spices also works on the cellular level.

Add the healthy antioxidants to the diet

As you know that few spices have a lot of ingredients but adding green tea and other food items that are rich in antioxidants will help in fighting the aging and will also keep heart healthy and sound.


Now, as we know that the best way to keep heart healthy is prevention, we know the harmful food and the lifestyle that can deteriorate the heart health and to avoid this, we need to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle as well. All this is possible without any fuss, but we need to be more careful and conscious about our choices. Rest you can leave to your body.

All in all, if you want to avoid atherosclerosis, you have many options, but worry not even if you brush up with this condition, it is very much treatable, and you can return to normal life again.

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