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As a beginner we often have a lot of doubts about the workout regime, many of us confused about how many days in a week to workout and when to fit the cardio, how to get the quick results and how to avoid the muscle cramps and other inevitable things that comes when we are starting with the strength training.To help you avoid the most common lousy suggestion of bodybuilding and strength training, we have compiled a list of five most important recommendations that you can get to help your body get the maximum benefits of the workout regime.

Be Easy on Body in the Beginning

It is true a lot us are pumped with adrenaline and usually try to chew more than we can bite. And most of us end up giving up entirely, let it be a slow journey but still consistent one. It is essential that we start with a light schedule. Do aerobics almost 3 to four times a week and can add strength training for 2 to 3 times a week. No more than that. Follow this routine for at least two months to help your body acclimatize for the change in the method.

Let us call it a long-term warp up a plan for the body.

Warming up is Very Important

When you go to the gym, don’t just doing the workout, let your body get adjust to what is about to happen, perform the usual stretching routine for 15 minutes to warm up the body. It allows our collection to get prepared for the workout and reduces the chances of injury as well.

Sudden stress in the body can be detrimental for the health, and you must avoid it. Avoid the cramps and the unnecessary nerve is stretching that can result in loss of movement of difficulty in change over time. So, don’t forget that warm-up is as crucial as the workout itself is. There is no substitute for this.

Mix up your exercise Routine

It is one of the most important advice that you need to follow, in many cases, people are fixated on the upper body and pays very little attention to the lower body. Avoid this, make sure that you are working out for the whole body.

Although when you are training your instructor will help you diversify the routine, but many people ignore and have more attention to the specific parts of the body, if you don’t want anyone to point out about missing the leg day, then you know that you need to focus on the overall body, not just the body parts that you like.

mix workout

Focus on Weight Training

If you believe that gym is too expensive for beginners then worry not, you don’t have to go to a gym to start the weight training, but as you progress you have to go to a gym if you do not have all the equipment. All you need in the beginning is the motivation and simple dumbbells.

To get the idea what you need to do, you can get the idea from the plenty beginners YouTube videos, make sure the one that you are following is from an authentic source with good reviews, because the number of videos of beginners is thousands, but you need to pick the one that is best for you.

Take Rest and Allow Body to Recover

As we have mentioned earlier that when you start working out, you need to take the small steps first and then the more significant level. This is primarily to help our body recover. You cannot gain the proper results without making a functional recovery. As we all know that our body needs the appropriate rest to rejuvenate and heal. Take the balanced diet that is a balanced combination of protein and carbohydrates. Avoid the sugary food and junk food.


And if you don’t let your body recover the results of the workout will be opposite, you may lose muscles, and your performance will be affected adversely. This is the reason you must allow your body to recover.

All these suggestions are valuable, and you must know that this list has been compiled after so many people made mistakes and paid for that. You have a fresh start, and this will help you get the maximum benefits of the workout. All these suggestions and simple and easy to follow. And while you at it, you must develop a healthy diet as well.

Many people do not change and lifestyle built expect good results, living a healthy lifestyle is the key to success and fit body. It is not much you have to do, follow the basics, and you will be fine. Remember that all this is for your good. In the long term, a healthy body is the way to success and happiness.

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