Best Food to Help You Heal During Menopause Transition!

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Food is the best comfort that you can get when you are going through the changes in your body. It’s nice to be around people who support and help you, but ultimately, we found out that it is the food that helps us get through a lot of problems.

Menopause Food

Today we are talking about the perimenopause, the stage of transition, this is the time during which women go through the changes in their ovaries and us after few years we start producing less estrogen. This phase ends after we have entered the complete menopause phase and our ovaries stop producing any more eggs

To provide a comfortable journey to keep the body fit and healthy and reduces the effects of lowered estrogen we have compiled a list of food items that can help in the smooth transition.


Eggs are one of the healthiest food available; there is a misconception about the yolk that it makes you fat, but that is not true. The yolk of eggs contains the fat that can boost the metabolism. This helps in reducing the fat formation. It is rich in omega fat and provides protein as well. And it is easy on the stomach as well. If you are not allergic to eggs, then these are the perfect way to get the nutrition.

It helps in rebuilding the cell membranes, very active in the reduction of inflammation and normalizing the production of hormones. This is what you need during the perimenopausal days.


To all the meat lovers, well you may not consider it meat, well it is extremely rich in omega fat DHEA, this fish is the powerhouse for the nutrients that helps in improved metabolism and allows the body to fight the free radicals as well. As we know that many women suffer from the hot flashes and many get the abdominal cramps and pain, this fish can help you with that. The protein from fish will improve the production of progesterone, and thus hormones will be balanced.

Balancing hormone is the key to fight the menopause. It is an inevitable natural phase in life, and it must not be painful.


To all the veggie lovers, if you have a problem eating the eggs and salmon, here is the perfect way to get the nutrients. We often focus on children to make them eat the vegetable and ignore when it comes to us. But broccoli just like its cousins, cabbage, and cauliflower has the phytonutrients that promote detoxification of the body; you know that to reduce the perimenopause problems we need to focus on estrogen, too much of estrogen is problematic as well. Thus, broccoli has the enzymes that can block specific compounds that are necessary for estrogen production. Therefore, we have all the essential things that we need.

food for Menopause


A sweet and savory way to fight the dominance of estrogen production. The seeds of the pomegranates have the compound that can block the production of toxic estrogen to a certain extent. That means consuming the juice will have a minimal effect on the body, that is why we need the seeds. And adding this fruit is extremely easy to diet as well. Just blend it into a great smoothie and get rid of all the problems.

This fruit is good for the general health as well. It helps in improving the antioxidant count, even helps in weight loss. It is sweet but filled with all the necessary vitamins and minerals.


These days flax seeds are gaining a lot of popularity due to the weight loss properties. Many dieticians recommend that eating the flax seed is good for our health. Now, for the perimenopause, it is also rich in omega three fat and is a vegan source of healthy fat.

Along with this is has something called lignans. It is a type of phytoestrogen and provides help against the xenoestrogen, this toxic estrogen increases the problems during the menopause, and this food will allow us to get the full benefits of the diet. Not just that, you can use flax seed oil as the dressing, it tastes good and is as healthy as the olive oil.

olive oil

The problem with perimenopause is that it persists over an extended period, few women start experiencing the problem when they in their late thirties up until the late fifties. That is almost two decades. But with specific changes in diet, we can make it comfortable and bearable. This journey of womanhood must not be painful and toxic for us.

And as we have mentioned above, that food is the greatest comforter makes sure eat it in limited and orderly amount t to avoid gaining weight. Along with this increase the antioxidants in your diet. It is natures miracle against the free radicals.

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